Helping you choose a JavaScript game engine

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This project is now in "archival" mode. We are no longer updating or accepting updates. The website and repo will remain available.


This site is a gathering of various implementations of the classic game Breakout in numerous different engines.

There is a plethora of JavaScript game engines out there. By comparing and studying the implementations, you should better be able to find an engine that meets your needs and style.

Current Breakouts



The Breakouts here have...

  • collision detection
  • sprite animation
  • sound effects
  • tiled backgrounds
  • menus and scene transitions
  • player input
  • text rendering
  • mobile support


The best way to choose the engine that is right for you is to download the code for all of them and play with them. Every version of Breakout provided is ready to go and easy to get up on your local machine.


Would you like to add another engine? Great! To do that, please fork the repo on github, and send us a pull request.

When implementing your Breakout, make sure to follow the implementation guidelines, and use the provided resources.